LEGENDS BEARD™ Pulls All Beard Growth & Enhancement Products From EBAY, Amazon

LEGENDS BEARD™ Pulls All Beard Growth & Enhancement Products From EBAY, Amazon

As the first truly legitimate, scientifically tested and developed beard growth formula offered on eBay since 2014, we’ve seen nothing but a plummeting descent into the dark abyss of lawless internet sales. And the companies that lie as their DMO.

Back in the “old days” of bearding, when beard brands actually still told the truth, men were still able to understand a little of the science behind “REAL” formulations. Things were gratifying and exciting. Now, it’s just a cesspool of marketing fraud and science deficit disorders.

Today, the truth behind what formulas actually work and which ones don’t, is not even a second thought. It’s worthless to discuss, a literal mockery of our time at LEGENDS BEARD™.

So we’re pulling the plug.

As of May 31st of 2019, we will be pulling ALL of our LEGENDS BEARD™ products from eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, and a myriad of other sites – all of whom have been compromised by imported Chinese garbage…and endless opportunistic kitchen table beard oil fraudsters. SwitcHHat.com will be the only place, now and in the future, to ever again find the Most Trusted and Effective Beard Growth Formulas and Beard Enhancement Products Ever Made!

With this change, customers of LEGENDS BEARD™ will not only gain access to the five (5) new & “unreleased” beard growth formulations we’ve developed in the LEGENDS BEARD LAB™, but also for our newly developed 5.5 pH/acid mantle balanced beard wash gel and our amazing disinfectant mists that kill 97% of all bacteria in beards! Great times ahead for our Loyal LEGENDS BEARD™ clientele!


Craig Workman – Founder & CEO

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