BEARD GROWTH OIL And The Science That Defines It

BEARD GROWTH OIL And The Science That Defines It

Beard Growth Oil

BEARD GROWTH OIL is a sub-class of the beard oil class, whereby the implementation of high level science and chemistry is of much greater focus and innovation than simple beard oil. Companies developing formulas in this sub-class, are required to have a firm grasp of the science and chemistry used during the formulation process, which includes understanding GC/MS reports/readings/testing, symbiotic molecular assembly of compounds, human bio-chemistry and biology, nutritional integration, dermatology, and more.

Again, according to the latest research of companies in America developing products under these guidelines, less than 1% are known to exist. This is even more problematic than the concerns we have for most beard oil companies, because in this sub-class, there are far greater levels of deception taking place in the current market. This will only get worse as more and more companies enter the “beard growth oil” space, and safety concerns will and should grow accordingly. It is our recommendation, that you proceed with extreme caution when buying products labeled “Beard Growth Oil” online, and make sure that the company producing the formula informs you of their processes and materials before you purchase.

Finally, due the chemistry and scientific nature of this sub-class, it is very unlikely to see effective beard growth oils containing a huge diversity of essential oils/compounds for scenting/smell. This should be your first clue to proceed with caution, as there are only a few known compounds ever shown to be effective for hair growth stimulation in a lab setting. Unscrupulous marketers are taking advantage of the ignorance of consumers, and are playing upon their desires for beard growth to make a buck. Fact is, nearly all “Beard Growth Oils” on the market today…are simply beard oils falsely represented and up-marketed.

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