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In the beginning…our Legendary bearded Chemistry Founder Craig, was laser focused on crafting the most effective beard growth oil ever. At the time, launching a Legendary business to share it with the world, was not even a consideration.

It was Thanksgiving Day and Craig decided he was going to grow a beard. Something he’s been wanting to do for years and now it was the time!  And if you know anything about Craig, you’d know he wasn’t going to grow any ordinary beard…growing a Legendary beard was the only option!!

The problem, Craig is not one to settle for average and average beard oil was all he could find. He tried many. So, Craig began his journey. A journey to create the best beard growth oil on the planet by researching scientific studies on real hair growth and gathering facts on how chemicals bond when mixed together.  It was trial after trial.

Launching a Legendary beard oil company (Legends Beard and Pipe Company) was truly an afterthought. It was after Craig found his beard oil success. It was after his own personal beard growth proved his beard oils were working better than anything else on the market.  It was after his bearded friends were given his unique Poseidon beard growth oil and simply loved it, wanting more.

So, here we are. Legends Beard and Pipe Company. A Nebraska based company in the heart of the USA. This is where the Legendary beard oil magic happens. This is where the beard oils are created.  This is where they’re mixed and bottle up for distribution.  And this is where you can rely on Legends to deliver your favorite beard oil, month in and month out by joining the beard club and getting a beard oil subscription.

We have many things to be excited about.  Most of all, we’re excited to be joining you on your own journey to a Legendary Beard!!!

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