Beard Growth Oil vs Regular Beard Oil

With the widespread growth of new beard oil brands arriving on the Internet each day (mostly from Chinese factories), there is a rapidly growing level of confusion between the use of Beard Oil and Beard Growth oil.  Unfortunately, the rapid rise of amateur beard oil “online marketers” who know nothing about growing a beard, no scientific base to make their decisions from and no desire to care about what they’re selling as long as they make a buck….are creating a copious amount of confusion in the marketplace.  For This Reason…We challenge you to pay close attention to the company you buy your beard oils from.

Beard oils are designed to soften the beard, reduce beard itching and provide a beard scent.  To accomplish these benefits, beard oil simply “coats the beard hair and skin”. However, coating your beard with simple beard oil is not the best way to stimulate a healthy beard hair follicle. 

On the flip side, the benefits of beard growth oil is to help foster healthy beard growth beginning at the root of the hair and at the skin level.   Beard growth oils typically have ingredients that will focus on growing your beard at the skin level.  They will penetrate your skin and “soak in” quicker.  They will soften your beard not by coating it with oil but by helping you grow healthier beard hair that “shines naturally”.

Beard growth oil will also reduce itching.  It will shine your beard not by coating it but by producing a healthier and softer hair follicle over time.  Beard growth oil may also include an aroma for the purpose of scent.

The challenge and why we tell you this…..listen carefully….many amateur beard oil brands are “renaming” their beard oils to be beard growth oils when in fact the ingredients are the same.  Don’t fall for this.  You have been warned!!

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