New & Improved GeoMarker Android App NOW IN GOOGLE PLAY!

Just recently, I decided to take my already successful GeoTarget Android App to a new level, and run a major update.  While I was at it, I decided to rename the entire platform, and call it GeoMarker (which was a more

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Side-Loading Customized & Personal Android Apps – NEW HOT JUJU!

As a primary developer for Android (I build for Apple too), I have always been more excited by the open nature of the platform, and the ultimate flexibility that you have across the vast sea of devices. Not that I shun

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Re-Designed “Virtual Business Card” Android App….w/New Notepad Feature!

I was recently contacted by a VoIP/PBX firm for an “All New” Virtual Business Card Android Application design, and will be delivering that project to the client in the first week of February 2014. What was interesting during this particular build,

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A New Business Printing Portal For SwitcHHat Customers

After years of brokering the world’s best print products to major corporations, I have decided to make all this exclusive print marketing juju available to my print customers, but through an automated portal that gives them control over file submission. I’m

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Because The World Needs An R:7 Fellowship!

“To find success in life, you need to be prepared and ready at all times. Whether it’s facing and defeating the evils of the world, protecting & defending your family, pushing yourself to new levels of health & personal fitness, or

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