Desktop Applications Turbocharge Business Branding!

With all the talk about mobile these days, it can be easy to forget the ever powerful presence of the desktop. And having your business logo there, can be a major win for branding sake! So to demonstrate how this can

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Object Oriented Programming On Steroids * Join The SOOP Team *

Are you an OOP Ninja with a desire to build Ultra-Cool software for mobile devices, desktops, and SmartTVs? Can you run proficient through the whole stack of development, beginning with concepting, architecting tight minimal code, designing awesome UI/UX, harvesting, storing, and

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GeoFencing A Nation Of App Users – UBERDASH™ In Germany

I get requests all the time from new developers, who want to learn the programming strategies for clever new GeoSpatial/GeoLocation applications, so they can “take over the world!” Before we ever begin, I require them to depart from the conventional way

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New MAGNA-BALL™ Mobile Game Uses Native Sensors & Physics

Anyone who follows my blog, knows I see the future for mobile in terms of native device sensors. So it made perfect sense to start building a New Mobile Game that takes advantage of as many native sensors as possible, and

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The Future Of Mobile Apps Will Be Native Sensor-Centric

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last five or so years, or are just too obtuse to notice, the smartphone has become the most rapidly adopted technological device in human history. Immediately on the heels of the smartphone,

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