SwitcHHat’s Bulletproof WordPress Website Security

For any website that is more than a simple blog or thought catcher, I would recommend finding the best and most secure “shared hosting” plan that you can find. You can find these everywhere for around $6-8 per month, and there

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BEARD GROWTH OIL DOMINATION & The Chemistry It Takes To Get There

In November 2015 right before Thanksgiving, having freshly retired from programming Geo-Spatial/Geo-Locational applications 14 hours a day, I decided it was time to grow a hugely righteous beard…and plan my next journey. So you know how it works when you’re really

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The Power of Chromeless Desktop Apps

Chromeless desktop apps are extremely powerful, because when you remove the boundaries established by OS window chrome (title bar, status bar, & frame)…the potential for amazing developments through design, is truly unlimited. Without window chrome, you can imagine full 3D designs

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Drawing Characters for Mobile Games & More! ** SwitcHHat™

Even software developers need their escape. For me, it’s artwork creation, and I never turn down a chance to work on new character designs. So over last weekend I took an hour and had some fun. In fact, to get the

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Peer To Peer Desktop App with End-To-End AES Encryption & Mobile PassThrough

I don’t need to spend much time auditing the need for my New AES Encrypted Desktop App by businesses, they already know they need it. Badly! What I can tell you, is that when you see this thing operate, you will

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