Digital Music Made Cool With SWITCHHAT’S Desktop Turntable App

In 2014, the vinyl record business posted its LARGEST SALES FIGURES in 25 years, with numbers reaching past 14 million albums sold. That’s a 51% increase in sales over 2013, which by the way, saw an increase of 32% over 2012.

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Drawing Characters for Mobile Games & More! ** SwitcHHat™

Even software developers need their escape. For me, it’s artwork creation, and I never turn down a chance to work on new character designs. So over last weekend I took an hour and had some fun. In fact, to get the

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Peer To Peer Desktop App with End-To-End AES Encryption & Mobile PassThrough

I don’t need to spend much time auditing the need for my New AES Encrypted Desktop App by businesses, they already know they need it. Badly! What I can tell you, is that when you see this thing operate, you will

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GeoLocational Accuracy is A Huge Deal Actually

Sometimes, close enough…is just NOT CLOSE ENOUGH. When it comes to developers building location-aware apps, more often than not, they decide to use formulas that compromise accuracy for quicker results. Now while quicker results are just fine for most simple applications,

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Desktop Applications Turbocharge Business Branding!

With all the talk about mobile these days, it can be easy to forget the ever powerful presence of the desktop. And having your business logo there, can be a major win for branding sake! So to demonstrate how this can

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