Native Geo-fencing & Geo-Spatial Development Without A Web Connection

Depending on where you look, and who you listen to, there seems to be only one conversation regarding the proper use of GEO-FENCING in mobile apps:  As a web connected data collection/delivery tool for location based ads/deals/etc. Now to suggest it’s

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UBER DASH Bike & Motorcycle Mobile App with Speedometer, Headlight, & MORE – NEW UPDATE!

12-22-2014 UPDATE BELOW! Crazy how some ideas begin their germination, isn’t it?  Case in point: take my new UBER DASH™ mobile app – initially designed to save a loved one over $565 to repair their SUV’s speedo! After setting off to

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A Branding Concept Like You’ve NEVER SEEN BEFORE!

At SwitcHHat, I’ve become known for pushing marketing and strategic thinking boundaries to their breaking point (then backing off a little so they work), regardless of the medium that they apply to.  And I am ready to try something new once

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Mobile Android App Source Code Reuse And Re-Purpose

As many of you know, I’m pretty big on GeoLocation/GPS app development, and the myriad of ways to put the API to work in clever ways.  One of the funnest ways to use the code you’ve written, is to “reuse or

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New & Improved GeoMarker Android App NOW IN GOOGLE PLAY!

Just recently, I decided to take my already successful GeoTarget Android App to a new level, and run a major update.  While I was at it, I decided to rename the entire platform, and call it GeoMarker (which was a more

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