Will HTML5 Oust Native Apps For Mobile & Web Development?

Author – Craig Workman, Founder of SwitcHHat

As most developers know, HTML5 is the latest markup language for the web, and it is powerful.

At it’s core, the language aims to make the multimedia experience derived from the web considerably better, while still keeping the language easily readable by human beings.  More to the point, HTML5 will ultimately provide the cross-browser support missing from many of today’s most popular platforms and devices.

Furthermore, many developers are looking to HTML5 to build web apps that perform flawlessly cross-browser, as well as provide great performance on any smart phone, tablet, or other hand-held smart device that comes along.  The reason?  Building native applications for specific platforms (Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc) is tough!  So HTML5 aims to solve this dilemma, and provide for apps via the web browser….instead of through device operating systems.

But does this mean that building native apps will become a thing of the past?  Far from it!!  In fact, if I had my guess, native application development will become even more in-demand as the new language really takes hold.

Ask yourself this question. When you look at the web right now, would you be able to tell whether a website has been converted to run on HTML5?  Most likely, you don’t really care….which is the point!  Right?

Now imagine you’re a software developer, and you have just finished coding the “World’s Greatest Software Program”, and are ready to release it to the public.  Are you excited by the prospect of someone “snooping” through your code on a right-click?  How about the idea of someone “harvesting” your graphics, copying and pasting (known as screen-scraping) your markup, or even tracking your meta-tags and keywords?  Odds are pretty good you don’t want that!

So from the developers perspective, nothing will really change once HTML5 takes hold.  Sure, the language has some really exciting attributes that will make things easier, but in a world where software is king, and great ideas are highly guarded…..it is my prediction that all will continue as it has since the beginning.

This is exactly why native application development, and the controls it provides, will still reign supreme in the coming years.  And if your company has any interest in establishing a formidable presence in your market, then you better be thinking about achieving that through software!

After all…..Has It Ever Been Any Different?

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