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2D Javascript Calculator

Want to calculate the area and perimeter of a 2D object? Then this little Javascript calculator will do the trick. Calculate the area of such 2D objects as: Isosceles Triangle, Right Triangle, Square, Rhombus, Circle, Equilateral Triangle, Rectangle, and more!

NEW! As an advanced option, I’ve added a “Cost $:” row to the calculator, which can be easily set to your numerical specifications. The working example you see here, calculates the cost to build exterior shade sails, once you’ve entered your dimensions: square, rectangle, hexagon, eq. tri, ios tri, parallelogram, right angle, rhombus and trapezoid shade sail designs.

BONUS: Shown below with graphical illustrations and logical instructions. GO AHEAD…PLAY WITH IT!


2D JavaScript Area Calculator:
40.7405410, -96.5890170

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