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“Big Data Software, mobile web, desktop applications, e-commerce web development, and direct mail marketing is in Ultra High demand, and SwitcHHat is producing some of the Freshest Ideas in the Business!”


Current Jobs & Opps:

I am currently seeking technically proficient developers for both mobile and desktop applications, regardless of programming language experience. I want folks with a child-like exuberance for new discoveries, deep thinkers without the need for “boxed” security, and most of all…people who want to chase the future with fresh ideas.


  • A quality portfolio of your work, and a success track record is a plus.
  • A Highly Motivated Nature! (I WILL NOT Drag You Kicking & Screaming!)
  • A STRONG DESIRE to innovate, and a willingness to fail miserably to achieve Greatness!
  • The ability to stay on task and deliver complex projects on time.
  • Endure a VERY CANDID & HONEST personal interview with myself.

So don’t set on your thumbs, join me…and let’s grab the business that requires people like us!

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