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Full Stack Mobile Developer for Android & Apple

SwitcHHat is a Full Stack mobile software developer, having produced over 40 Android & Apple Apps that allow businesses to work better, make more profit, and build better awareness for their brands. I also produce mobile games & SmartTV Apps.

The difference with what I do at SwitcHHat, versus what you find at other firms, is that I alone have a full working competency throughout the ENTIRE STACK of application development. This includes everything from idea genesis/wire framing, to graphical element design (UI & UX, spritesheets, etc.), throughout the native coding & debugging phase, and finishing with full market software delivery (Android, Apple, SmartTV).

In many cases, my clients are up and running with their own custom, worldwide marketing app, for an affordable & reasonable investment with Fantastic ROI!

With that in mind, this incredible investment works for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 Days a year, and maintains residence on the Most Coveted Marketing Real Estate on The Planet…Your Customer’s Mobile Device Screen!!

Off The Shelf Apps

  • Ready-To-Deliver Software from $499 to $999
  • A Custom Branded Android Marketing Application from our catalog, with enterprise quality graphic design specific to your company!
  • Your New App will appear on the Worldwide Android Market immediately after your final approval!
  • A custom QR Code (quick response code)  that you can place on Facebook, Twitter, your website, your printed materials, and literally anywhere you want your code to be scanned! The scanning of this code will take someone directly to the Android Market, where they can instantly download your app!
  • Complete technical and marketing support for your new app!

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