Onfair's New Website Redesign by SwitcHHat

Website Re-Designed To Sell MILLIONS MORE & Have Fun In The Process

At the end of 2015, e-commerce guru & online headrest DVD Mega-Seller Brandon Dupsky, called me and wanted to talk about a complete website re-design. Mind you, his current site was already selling Millions of dollars worth of product, so needless to say….he had my attention in a very big way.

Over that next week, Brandon shared his future vision and ideas with me for the re-design, and I think it was one of the most refreshing conversations I’ve had in a long time. You see, Brandon likes to go big or go home….which is why he’s also one of the e-commerce industry’s TOP TALENTS for online selling knowledge and instruction.

So basically, Brandon told me to go crazy, and create something out of the box and fun for the entire family. In other words, I was given total creative freedom to create a whole new experience…and with his explicit request to “break the mold”! I think we did that.


Almost one week to day after we launched Brandon’s new e-commerce site design, headrest DVD player sales spiked, and as analytics were tracked & measured…it was clear the new design was the #1 contributor.

The initial design was comprised of about 200 “ground-up” design elements, each customized and optimized to work within a set of custom Javascript developments for robust interactivity. In addition to all of the web-based design assets, we are also designing a complete graphical asset structure for our “offline” marketing needs. This includes everything from tee shirts to catalogs & comic books, stickers to koozies.

Finally, all graphics that were created initially for the new e-commerce website & printed materials, are also fully compatible with our Amazon & eBay listings…so we avoid as much redundant work as possible.


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