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Web design (custom), as of mid 2017, no longer produces a noticeably effective difference between design services costing $1000’s…and a very well built and optimized theme template costing $50 for a multi-site license.

In fact, most theme templates built today are far superior to the custom designs people are trying to sell for 20 times the price, where custom design costs are being replaced with insightful programmatic logic making a site PRODUCE RESULTS…which trumps pretty looks any day. Notice how I used the practice of “programmatic logic” versus “tricks”, when inferring the idea of effective web design in today’s market. Tricks are for suckers!

Now, it used to be that your perspective customers “might” spend a little time on your website, just to take a peek at what you do…but even then that time spent was fairly small and infrequent. Adding pictures and video to sites became another way of attracting and keeping customers attention a little longer, but today with the popularity of YouTube, Facebook, etc…your customers would rather spend time elsewhere…and not on your site.

So the idea of spending a small fortune for custom web design and development (the development part being a very “loose” term used by today’s designers btw) can be hard to justify in most cases, simply because the returns are so small. All too often, the returns on custom websites are actually nothing…and that’s when the reality of what it takes to actually rank a site and get noticed by customers becomes EVERYTHING. On the other hand, if the website you need designed is going to sell things, and that’s your primary business (e-commerce), then you’re going to need MUCH MORE HORSEPOWER THAN MOST WEB DESIGNERS CAN DELIVER!

You see, hanging your business shingle out there on the web NO LONGER works like it “kind of did” a decade ago. Today, it’s a dog eat dog, cutthroat internet real estate acquisition business, where only the best strategists and innovative players survive and win. Web design alone in today’s online economy does nothing, and will produce nothing of tangible reality for an investment anywhere north of $500-$1000. Don’t fool yourself into believing otherwise.

Of course building sites that sell and make money 24/7/365, now that’s another ballgame entirely! The costs to produce these kind of sites are quite a bit north of $500-$1000, but again, once you understand and can witness the actual returns coming from the higher investment…it’ll be perfectly clear how a $15k to $20k ecommerce site is CHEAPER than a $500 static placeholder site that dies on the vine every minute…forever.

My recommendation is, let’s talk about your concerns, your ideas, and where you want to go with your web design and internet presence. I’ve got 15 years experience in web and graphic design, having built over 30k custom files for clients worldwide, and over a decade in masterful programming logic living inside mega-sized desktop and mobile applications still in use today.

I can and will help you!

Craig Workman – Software Architect/Graphic Designer

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