UBER DASH Bike & Motorcycle Mobile App with Speedometer, Headlight, & MORE – NEW UPDATE!

12-22-2014 UPDATE BELOW!

Crazy how some ideas begin their germination, isn’t it?  Case in point: take my new UBER DASH™ mobile app – initially designed to save a loved one over $565 to repair their SUV’s speedo!

After setting off to “rebuild” a seemingly ubiquitous type of app (there are many speedo apps on both Android & Apple)…but with a much more compelling UI/UX, I started to have some interesting epiphanies during the graphic design phase.

It occurred to me almost immediately, that although many developers had written some pretty awesome “speed tracking” apps, they seemed to have missed a great number of opportunities that appeared like magic in front of my eyes.  So at that point, I turned on a dime….and headed for uncharted waters.  What I discovered on the journey….will totally knock your socks off!

Unfortunately as I write this article, I haven’t even had a chance to officially publish the app to Google Play or Apple’s App Store….or simply pitch the concept to my connections.  So I can’t go into a full show and tell today.  Tomorrow….maybe?

As soon as I can show you how I squeeze blood from a rock (re-engineering-ly speaking), I will be sure to post those updates here on the blog.


Craig Workman Reporting LIVE…..in “Full On” Attention Surplus Disorder Mode!

UPDATE (12-22-2014):  After a ton of testing around the city (Lincoln, Ne), I’ve dialed in the new “GeoFencing” functions in UBER DASH mobile app.  At current, I’ve set five (5) strategic GeoFences in Lincoln, but unlimited fences are indeed possible…should businesses see the potential of this technology.  This new update WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE ON THE APP STORES, but rather remain exclusive to local business via a licensing & private branding agreement for UBER DASH.

UPDATE (12-9-2014):  I’ve added a new Heads-Up-Display (HUD) to UBER DASH functionality, and it works fantastic. After activating UBER DASH, picking your output mode (mph, kph, knots), and toggling the HUD, place your phone in the most stable & highest spot on your dash.  This will project the HUD closer to the tint band on your windshield, and produce the best results

UPDATE (12-5-2014):  I’ve added nautical measure through KNOTS to UBER DASH, which opens the opportunity for boating and marine businesses…in addition to bike shops and motorcycle shops.  It is available for “Private Branding”, and you should contact me at MY EMAIL if you want to learn more about this opportunity.  Cheers….

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