Stream-Ola Vintage Turntable Desktop App

The Stream-Ola Vintage TurnTable Desktop App

This Elegant & Vintage redesign of my popular StreamTableLTD™ desktop app, is already seeing an unexpected level of requests nationwide. I knew it was super cool as I was building it, but thought I might be the only one using the app on my machine. I was wrong.

Like its predecessor, the Stream-Ola™ turntable streams two feeds from your favorite ShoutCAST channels, and broadcasts crystal clear music 24/7. Although currently set to 80’s HairBand & 80’s Mega Hits channels, you can pick your own two ShoutCAST channels from any of the 1000’s of channels on their site, and enjoy the music you like most 24/7 (upon request).


For now, I am only issuing the Stream-Ola™ app in very Limited Copies, each personally signed for each recipient. These copies will also receive an Amazing Barrage of New & Exclusive Updates in the coming days & weeks…so let’s just say my aim is to “BLOW YOUR MINDS”!

That’s all for now.


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