The Power of Chromeless Desktop Apps

The Power of Chromeless Desktop Apps

Chromeless desktop apps are extremely powerful, because when you remove the boundaries established by OS window chrome (title bar, status bar, & frame)…the potential for amazing developments through design, is truly unlimited.

Without window chrome, you can imagine full 3D designs that can be built for the health & medical industry, automotive industry, and even functional tooling applications used for designing structural building blueprints. And, of course, everything in between!

Another exciting potential for a properly designed desktop application, is the ability to have it ported over to mobile devices…as well as SmartTV’s, where all the potential of a great development follows you wherever you go. Again, the possibilities are just fantastically limitless!

But rather than just talk about the power of the desktop app, I would prefer to show you the magic that happens when a user gets engaged with an awesomely built app. So over the next few weeks, you’ll see a couple of these new developments right here on…and I believe you’ll be blown away.

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