The Elusive BEARD GROWTH OIL You Can’t Buy!

As of late December 2016, the beard oil/beard product business is a $2.5 bil + industry with skyrocketing appeal, and the stakes for this new game have never been higher. Among the most coveted new areas in the industry, is the need, desire and flat out fever for locating the most powerful beard growth oil blend known to exist.

But taking a quick look online, and you’d think everyone had the “secret key” to the beard growth vault, based on the literal saturation of the claims being made. EBay, Amazon, Etsy, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, etc., plus millions of websites are now offering some sort of beard growth voodoo elixir. But how can you tell if any of these claims can be trusted? Well, let’s talk about that.

Let’s consider for a minute, that the “hair growth” industry in general has been trying to discover the Holy Grail of hair growth for the last five plus decades, and all we really know is that the two compounds they’ve come up with don’t work: Rogaine (minoxidil) & Propecia.

To compare this with just the last five to six years that the beard oil biz has been kicking, and you’d think every jackball with some coconut oil and a dropper bottle had figured out the mystery that’s evaded multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies for 50 years. And yet, he’d have you believe he did it all from his kitchen table for God’s sake!

This is always the case though, when you don’t have any gatekeepers to the truth; everyone can simply make up stuff and sell things. The customer is still none the wiser. So the charade goes on.

But as the stories percolate down through society’s “proof filters”, there does seem to be some honest and genuinely exciting new discoveries cropping up for beard growth science. As you can imagine, men worldwide are seeking out these products at any price.

The problem is, the products you really want to buy are either in limited supply, or not available to the public at all. Much is the case with a company that we keep hearing about on all the forums and beard boards, where users are claiming they’ve found a truly effective topical formula for accelerated beard growth.

Turns out, there’s a one year old company called Legends Beard & Pipeā„¢, and they go about things in a radically different way than all the other brands in the beard growth oil business. To this company, everything centers around the science and chemistry behind the formulation process, and they are really quiet about their processes. We tried getting them to cough up how they do things, but were again met with very guarded and protective answers. I can’t blame them though, no company ever gives out their secret sauce, nor should they.

A browse around the internet and their website reveals a beard growth formula called Poseidon 3x, aptly named after the Greek God of the Seas I’m sure. The reviews for the blend are super high, like 4.9 Stars everywhere you look. Except on on Amazon, where users are much less likely to understand how to properly use the product, and where competitors are probably to blame for the unwarranted shade. But among the magnificently bearded folk, this stuff is like water from the Fountain of Youth, and they swear by it. The best part is, you can hit their website and buy it right now.

But what really has our attention, is the rumblings of an experimental new formula that you can’t buy, and can’t find any shred of information about. Only grapevine stuff from devoted product loyalists, and even then, sparse at best. Now supposedly, the company has made some discovery that they say is going to shake the billion dollar industry to its core, and they plan on rolling out beta formula to key brand ambassadors in early 2017. Key brand ambassadors…is the “key word phrase” here, very cloak and dagger type of stuff.

So as things stand right now, we’ll have to wait until early 2017 when information starts to leak about what the company is up to. For today however, the word on the street is that the new formula may NEVER be available to the public…only to the supremely bearded diehards that set at the Legends’ inner table.

And these guys aren’t talking!

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