SwitcHHat’s New Concealed Carry Glock Holster Prototype

I started out wanting to write an article on the CCW movement as a whole, but backed off at the last minute.  Why?  In short….I could write about the efficacy of the subject for days, and literally drill any opponent into the ground on the purpose of it.  But I opted for a more “surface level” and “friendly” touching of the topic.

Bottom line here, is that people all over America (millions in fact), are wising up to the fact that our personal and family security is something we HAVE to take seriously.  The threats are all around us all the time, and we know that law enforcement may not be there in time to help us…should the most unthinkable scenario start to go down.  This is exactly why the concealed carry movement is shooting vertical right now, and with no end in sight, it’s a red hot marketing territory for inventors.

Now, I will be the first to admit that the likelihood of EVER having to draw a firearm for self-defense is highly remote, and should be your absolute last measure before you have no choice.  But I couldn’t live with the regret and pain beset me, should something happen to my family, as a result of ME being ill-prepared with my head stuck in the sand…..thinking it can’t possibly happen.  That’s why this isn’t about party affiliation, being liberal or conservative, gun nut or not….it’s just about having your eyes wide open in a world that seeks to devour.

Okay….I’ll quit there and get on with it.

So.  I had been thinking about the issues surrounding a person carrying a firearm, being instantly thrust into an inescapable situation requiring action, and the chemical and psychological chaos that would wreak havoc on their bodies as they reached for their weapon.  In that moment, the “average” person’s reaction is impossible to determine.  And the last thing they need, is to wrestle with some firearm retention system that has their weapon stuck in place.  Or worse still, pulling the weapon and having the holster come with it, thereby rendering it useless….and them ending up in the obits.

It was while thinking about these things that I had an epiphany, and thus started working on my new firearm retention innovation.  I thought, if I could bring this idea just far enough for some of my trusted associates to see….maybe, just maybe, it would warrant a patent search.  But I soon discovered that “reducing the design to practice” was going to be extremely difficult, because my design would ultimately rely upon injection molds and custom dies….all of which I don’t have, and that cost upwards of $25,000 to $30,000 or more.  So I did the next best thing.  I began rough fabrication in my shop.

A few hundred dollars and many hours later, I had something to work with.  Now to most who know what they are looking at here…this is a simple Kydex® holster.  A dang good design I might add, but Kydex® nonetheless.  To me however, it was simply a mold for something much more aesthetic, comfortable, universal, ambidextrous, and downright clever as heck.

This is where I felt the need to speak with a patent attorney, and get some much needed insight into how this whole process works.  Knowing it would be at least a three year process at best (if the patent is awarded and the idea thoroughly protected)…I moved to the next phase.  Funding.  And this is where it stands to this day.

There is no doubt the funding will soon come, and this project can begin it’s new journey to the land of production, distribution, and practical application.  Once that happens, I’ll pursue licensing agreements with high-profile and strategic partners, and see where things go from there.  Final phase……oh how I want to tell you, but it’s too soon to talk about.  Of course.

For now, I am just riding a wave of enthusiasm, propped up by dreams only a child’s mind can hold onto.  But that’s enough for me….and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

I’ll keep you posted!

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