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SwitcHHat Is A VERY UNUSUAL Development Company For Mobile Apps

Understanding and controlling the “Full Stack” of a development process for an application (mobile or desktop), is critical for the long term success of the project. But all too often, companies hire other companies who “farm out” the most important parts of the development process. And I hate that!

Hell, does anybody actually build “all their own stuff” anymore? The more and more I look around, it seems the “farming out” process grows even more pervasive by the day, and that bothers me. Because to me…it’s dishonest.

When you hire a company for a project, and they take your money, don’t you expect that they have full controls over the entire development and design process? Doesn’t it bother you, that most companies today send out critical parts of your project to third parties, who in turn are more interested in taking a bite out of your budget, than they are actually learning and controlling the entire asset creation process like true artists?

Well, then you haven’t met a real “full-stack developer” yet. One that truly controls the knowledge to reign sovereign over the entire development process, and takes pride in work that’s extremely hard to do!

That company is SwitcHHat™, aka Craig Workman. And I’m here to put up or shut up.

You see, I’ve devoted the many years it takes, to truly become a student of the craft. I take great joy in developing the entire spectrum of mobile applications, and most importantly…understanding it to a forensic level. And it’s not all fun and games, trust me. I’ve spent countless 3am mornings wondering if all this sacrifice is actually going to be worth it, because the minute I turn around…clients are continuing to hire companies that are more interested in profit…than companies like mine that are artists in the space.

To be totally honest, there are still times that I wonder if the other companies aren’t doing things right…and I’m the one doing it all wrong. They seem to be making things work, and getting enough work to pay the bills, while I struggle to maintain a stubborn level of authenticity. But then it hits me.

“Stay gold Pony Boy, Stay Gold!”

That’s because true “Full Stack Development” has it’s costs! The time, thought, energy, and strategizing that it takes to stay on top of things for a client, doesn’t leave one with much free time for playing “development company CEO”. A game I don’t get any fulfillment from, that’s for sure.

So if you don’t mind paying more for less, then there is not a damn thing I can do to help you. If you don’t mind having people “outside” of the company you hired, take a look inside and shape your project, then there’s nothing I can do to help you. And If you don’t care about artistry shaping the uniqueness of your brand, then certainly don’t call me.

But if you still care about silly things like honesty, hard work, sacrifice, and stubbornness for craft sovereignty…then consider the genuine artistry found at SwitcHHat™?

My commitment to you is, “I NEVER FARM OUT” client work…Ever! Not any single part of it!

If you dig that philosophy, then pick up the phone, email, or courier pigeon a message to me, and I will make time to help you build something truly spectacular!



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