SwitcHHat Discovery Helps Adobe Developers Launch iPhone Apps

Back in early 2011, when I was finishing my first iPhone application, I discovered a huge problem with uploading the software package to the Apple App Store.  Needless to say, both Adobe and Apple’s dedicated developer technicians were completely stumped as well, and could not diagnose the problem.

So without any guidance from those “who should know”, I went on an excursion for the answer….one that would eventually help new developers nationwide launch their applications to the App Store.

As most application developers already know, when you go to upload your Apple apps to the App Store, you need a utility called “Application Loader” in order to do that.  Application Loader is a Java Utility only available on Mac PC’s….and herein lies the first obstacle for developers working on Windows PC’s.

In other words, if you’re working on a Windows PC, and building your iPhone apps in ActionScript 3.0, after you do a final de-compile and convert your app into an App Store compatible .ipa file package….you will then need to find a Mac in order to upload it to the App Store.

Now, like most serious application developers, you will most likely head out and buy a Macbook Pro…like I did.  After all, if you are in this game full time, this won’t be the last time you need buy platform development tools like a Macbook.  Get ready to invest in Android tablets and phones, as well as Apple iPads, iPods, and an iPhone.  Heck, you may even need to buy a Blackberry Tablet to complete the circuit!

So with your new Macbook Pro in hand, new Lion OS ready to roar, and your .ipa file ready to upload to the App Store….you launch the Application Loader utility.  This is where the frustration begins.

First, Application Loader will begin to run, and will then lead you through a series of prompts asking for the file (app) you wish to upload to the App Store.  (You will first be asked to login to your Apple Developer Account, which establishes the link to the pre-set application variables you created when you set up your application details in your developer account)  After Application Loader establishes a connection with your developer account, and after it finds the app location you are trying to upload your software to, it will present a button to “Upload Application Package”.  You will then press the button and wait for a confirmation of “Successful Upload”…which of course you WILL NOT GET!!  In the place of the successful upload notification, you WILL GET an “Error” notification of some sort. (There are many errors that may present here…..but I don’t have enough time in my life to describe them all) .

So now what?

Well, you will search the internet for hours looking for answers (like I did), ultimately finding yourself talking to Adobe and Apple Developer Tech support (like I did), not getting your answers (like I did), and faced with figuring this whole thing out for yourself….(like I did)!

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  And knowing what I am about to tell you…(which will save you TONS OF TIME & FRUSTRATION)…you will be compelled to love me, and make a donation using the button below!! Hehe…(No…I am serious!)

So do you want the answer? Is the suspense killing you?  Do you want to cut to the chase and see why I am so brilliant?

Okay, here it is.

ANSWER:  The “Application Loader” is a Javascript utility…right?  Great.  Unfortunately, New Apple Macbooks featuring the awesome Lion OS…DO NOT COME WITH JAVA PRE-INSTALLED!!  This is your problem.  You are trying to run Application Loader (a Java utility) without having Java on your new system!!  So when you try to upload your app to the App Store…it will hang constantly on “Error” messages…and frustrate the **** out of you.

SOLUTION: Do Not, and I stress…DO NOT go to Oracle’s site and try to download Java…they don’t have what you need.  Apple has it’s OWN VERSION of Java, and you need to download it from the Apple system in order for this to work.  Just open your Macbook, and do a search for new software…title it Java…and the system will go out and find Apple’s compatible version for you to install on your system.  Install Java, re-boot your system, then run Application Loader again, and follow the prompts! You’re Done!

Of course, there are a myriad of other variables that can still keep you from successful application upload to the App Store.  Variables like an incomplete app manifest file, improper Distribution Certificate, improper Distribution Provisioning Profile, etc…may still need to be corrected on the code side.

But having a proper, compatible install of Java on your Mac will solve the problem.

You know, I almost feel silly telling you how simple this really is.  But what’s more amazing, is that both Adobe and Apple Developer Tech Support have given some good kudos to SwitcHHat for bringing this issue to light, and presenting the solution!

But I’ll take it.  And….I am serious about the donation!

Craig Workman – Chief Software Developer | SwitcHHat SMA

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    It’s great when I find people who know their stuff, and can articulate how that information can help people like me. Thanks SwitcHHat!

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    Your website has to be the electronic Swiss Army Knife for O.O.P., and I look forward to much more insight! Thanks,

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