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Side-Loading Customized & Personal Android Apps – NEW HOT JUJU!

As a primary developer for Android (I build for Apple too), I have always been more excited by the open nature of the platform, and the ultimate flexibility that you have across the vast sea of devices.

Not that I shun Apple for being a closed environment, but it’s literally a slap in the face to professional and studious developers…to be told whether your app “gets approved” or “gets rejected” by some knucklehead having a bad day somewhere!  With Android, you simply don’t have those confines.

Now, I’m not getting into a debate about which platform produces more app sales, or which one produces more app downloads, but I will focus on a topic most people have never considered when it comes to their mobile apps.  Fully personal and customized apps for both, specific devices, and their specific owners.

That’s right, I am talking about prestige apps, built specifically for each individual, and their specific phone or tablet.  Apps that DO NOT GO THROUGH THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE.  Apps that get “side-loaded” directly from your developer…to your personal device, and apps that you personally can share outside of the “Marketplace”.

Can’t do that with Apple. (technically there is a way, but it’s not a long term solution, you personally can’t share your app, and your personal device id is known by others)

“So what” you might say?  “What’s the big deal?”  Well, it’s a really big deal if you take some time to think about it!  Especially if you have a business that needs a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and want to provide your clients with something they can’t get anywhere else (I chuckle tongue-n-cheek, because this is every business in the world).  This kind of app could be sold via your own website without having to pay Google 30% of the sale price, it could be provided to customers AFTER they have made a qualifying purchase, could be used as a closed communication source for employees…away and private from their SMS/IM/Webmail plan, and a plethora of other strategic marketing operations!

In fact, I am saying it right here and now….before anyone else in the biz:  You watch, what I call “prestige apps” WILL BECOME the next BIG THING in the mobile app space!  And of course, it will be Android (and switcHHat) once again leading the way with new ideas!

But just so we’re clear….I’m talking about FULLY NATIVE app software here, .apk’s to be specific.  Not lame ass, web based, do-it-yourself junk that litters the web……but first class code from a qualified, competent, and experienced UI/UX developer (ME).

And yes, I will be providing an in-depth (waaaay in-depth) look at how you can take advantage of this “Soon To Be”, “New Big Thing” in an upcoming tutorial and lesson guide.

Stay tuned.

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