Selling Retro, Having Fun, & Cashing In Big!

At 45, I constantly think about how cool it was to grow up in the 1980’s , aka The Decade That Made Us.  And I can’t help but wander back there on a daily basis, excited by the prospect of “re-discovering” the feeling that WE CAN DO ANYTHING!

I can tell you for a fact that I’m not alone!  There is a movement that’s been growing for some time now, whereby the late 30-40 somethings, are buying up everything they can get their hands on that emanates RETRO.  Vinyl records are selling at an astonishing rate, collectible toys from that era are bringing TOP DOLLAR, classic cars are on everyone’s wish list, and tee shirts with vintage designs and old company logos are selling like hotcakes!

So for me, I had to get involved somehow, and find a way to capitalize on the wind that’s blowing.  I didn’t have the time to find classic cars and flip them, nor did I have the desire to set up a storefront and sell vinyl records, but what fit perfect in my wheelhouse…was creating and selling screen printed Retro Tee Shirts.  And man do they sell.


First, I bought the equipment necessary, to do my own screen printed tees from my home studio.  Having this production flexibility at my disposal, gave me the ability to capitalize on moving fads right away…because I would no longer have to “wait in line” at the local screen print shops (in many cases, they’re 2-3 weeks out) to get my ideas to market.  I could create a great vectored design in the morning, and be marketing the design by evening.

Second, I would establish a wholesale account with a bulk garment distributor, which would allow me to buy tees, hoodies, polos, etc, at cost, thereby enabling me to maximize profits.  This part can be tricky, and can be a pain to set up…but there are a few tricks to getting what you want if you’re persistent.

Third, I would build a custom e-commerce website to sell my gear (here it is), and tailor the look for the Retro Buying Crowd.  Of course it had to be responsive, because more and more folks are buying from their smartphones and tablets these days.  This is also the part you definitely don’t want to leave to an amateur.  Just using one of the “FREE” website builders you hear about online, can dash your sales by nearly 70%!  (I’ll touch on the reason why in another report)

Fourth, I would establish relationships with other online Retro Forums, and negotiate back-links and “affiliate style” commissions for any referred sales.  I would also use eBay arbitrage techniques, for acquiring both auction sales, and direct “NO-FEE” purchases via Promo Codes I included in product shipments.  I won’t tell you the conversion numbers for this technique, and exactly how I do it, but they are high.  Reason:  I don’t want to stifle YOUR CREATIVITY!

And finally, yes…I use the AdWhistle™ Direct Mail System for acquiring loads of high conversion online sales.  That’s correct!  Physical postcard mailers for driving online sales.  And the ROI is Amazing!

So get out there and set your sail.  The Retro Wind is blowing harder every day, and the opportunities are limitless my friends.

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