Powerful New Mobile App For Sale – Source Included

I have written the source code, tweaked the graphic design, and anchored the entire mobile application with dynamic content from ONE SINGLE Database file.  Now all it needs, is an entrepreneur to go out and Make Money with it…while I build the Next Cool Thing!

What’s actually up for sale here, is the Entire Source Code and application assets for a New, Dynamic, and Unmatched mobile advertising app for Lincoln Nebraska.  This mobile application allows businesses and individuals to get their offer, ad, etc., in front of consumers on the go….and within minutes of posting.  And do it for just $10 per ad!

For example, let’s say a restaurant or bar has a special they want to push out to 1000’s of customers, and it’s 5pm on a Thursday.  Let’s also say that they have a coupon they want to attach to the posting, and it has a barcode on it for scanning once the customer redeems the offer.  Now, how are they going to accomplish this, when the newspaper, radio, television, and direct mail don’t “work” that fast?  You say…email, text notify, or social media probably…and I would say, “not going to happen”.  Why?

First off, people no longer respond to emails like they used to, even if the business has an email list…..which they most likey DO NOT!

The second avenue would be texting, but creating a campaign can be costly, and here again, this assumes that the business has been effective at gathering 1000’s of phone numbers to text to….which they most certainly HAVE NOT!  Also, with texting, there is no way to send a scannable image or graphical coupon to redeem at checkout.

So let me guess….you are about to stump me with the Facebook, Twitter, social media thing now…huh?  Well, guess again.

Only the business itself actually thinks that it’s convenient to send out offers via Facebook, Twitter, etc…….because the rest of us certainly do not!  For this strategy to work, I would have to follow that business in the first place (we won’t go there, remember my post on The Social Identity Crisis?) which makes no sense to me. And even if I did follow them, I would have care enough to randomly check their page for “offers” when I Want Them…..which I most certainly won’t.  Of course, the mass public that they want access to, who also don’t follow them via social media, will also never know about their offers either.

So my new application fills the void, and solves the problem.  But it goes a step further as well.  Because not only does it make you aware of the outstanding offers via a quick and easy user interface, but it also “pings” your phone once you enter an establishment offering deals on the app.  It’s like a nice way of saying, “Hey homey, the place you just walked into has a great offer…..and we know it just slipped your mind to check the app.”

And it’s all this that’s for sale….just to be clear.

I will also train the new owners on how to run the show, and how to update and manage the file system that controls the whole thing.

So if you know an entrepreneur that’s itching to get started in the technology business, and wants literally NO COMPETITION for quite some time to come….then maybe you should tell them to Contact Me Here.

I would have you know, that I am very friendly and cordial, despite the flames behind my picture.

Craig Workman – Chief Software Developer | SwitcHHat SMA

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