POWERFUL DIRECT MAIL System Boosts Sales Online!

powerful direct mail system boosts online sales

In early 2015 I built a Powerful Direct Mail System that used the latest Geo-Spatial technology known, and this proprietary software harvested such a spectacular labyrinth of geographical marketing data…I had to start telling others about it. In fact, I discovered that not only could the system be used for local brick-and-mortar businesses, but also online businesses!


Absolutely I’m serious! And the reason is, it all comes down to controlling our customer acquisition costs, as well as establishing a much more tangible benefit that our customers just can’t get with online ads.

With PPC costs online, advertising in your niche could become very expensive when done on a regular basis, and if your target keywords are highly competitive, then things can get out of control even faster. And, since the fluidity of online selling and advertising increases constantly, even some of the best ecom gurus I know can never take their eye off the ball and relax. They know to do so, could run their business into the ground on advertising costs alone, and so they’re very mindful to monitor the dials…hour by hour.

But let’s talk about cost fluctuations for PPC, and the steady buoyancy we can never seem to find. I mean, how many times have you done the research, spent hours combing the data to tweak for the greatest returns, only to find the bid price of your target keywords just climb climb climb. You got excited when you found that hot little secret keyword, and it’s only bidding at $.05 to $.10 a click. Next thing you know, you’re forced to pay $.50, $.65, $1 a click and more…and are starting to lose your marketing advantage once again. Seems this is pretty much the way it goes now, especially with gatekeepers like Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc…all acting as the judge, jury and executioner for your online fate.

On the flip side of the coin, the direct mail I’m referring to in this article, can remain at a static cost from as low as $.07 – $.27 per home/customer/target, if you consider its parallax to PPC. The further upside gained by the direct mail piece, as compared to the online ad click, is the tangibility. Humans love “things”!

Moreover, and for those of you who don’t think that direct mail is as “targeted” as PPC (and ultimately less effective), then I ask you to think again. With the data we have access to today, especially the Geo-Spatial data we have pulsing through our direct mail system, the ROI and conversion advantage for marketing actually leans in favor of the tangible mailer…over that of the digital ad click machine.

So, if you want to learn more about how to put our Powerful Direct Mail System to work for you, then simply reach out to us here.

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