Personal Internet Security & The Ultimate Game of Gotcha

As with most security products, there must always be an heir of secrecy.  It is the delicate balance of how much do you trust your security, versus how much do you value your privacy.  Usually, one tends to sacrifice to the other, and in the end….it’s our trust (something we didn’t fully consider) that suffers the worst of it.

But maybe we’ve been thinking about security the wrong way.  At least for too long now.  Maybe there’s a better and much more clever way of going about securing our identities AND retaining our privacy?  I’m talking all of it in a homogenous vein, fully controlled and understood by each person uniquely, and where each of us can reign sovereign over our identity and remain impervious to our enemies.

You want to play?  Yes….this is going to be a game.

So let’s imagine a scenario:  You and a friend decide to play a game of chess.  One of you is an amateur, and the other a Grandmaster.  What is your prediction for the outcome of the match?

Not a real hard analogy to dissect, am I right?  You say, well I’d never play a Grandmaster as an amateur, but then expect to win.  True!  Yet, you do this every day with your personal digital security!  You don’t know how to win that game either….but you play.

Now imagine a more “ideal” scenario:  You and a friend decide to play a game of chess.  But this time, it’s a game called MyChess (give it whatever naming convention you like).  Regardless of whether your friend is a Grandmaster, or Triple Quadruple Grandmaster…there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY THEY CAN BEAT YOU!  Why?  Because in MyChess, your pawns, rooks, knights, bishops, king, and queen ALL BECOME fully autonomous.  They can “redefine & recalculate” their moves and rules on the fly, take up any position on the board at any time and without permission, remove themselves from the game and then reinsert at will, and if one gets sacrificed (which we might even allow for “effect”) they can instantly spawn 1o more just like them to fill the “void” left by their unfortunate absence.  How about them apples?

You see, really good (what I really mean, are malicious bastards) hackers can penetrate almost any frontline and backend defense software out there.  They can defeat firewalls, breach security settings, take control of operating systems, overcome WI-FI passwords, and virtually take control over every aspect of your computer (and ruin your life as you know it).  They can do this, because they know the rules of the game.  Rules you probably DON’T KNOW, and can’t defend from.

So, we set up rules of our own!  Simple as that.

Now, in the next part of this article, you’ll see me tread VERY LIGHTLY when I explain how to do things.  Because the system I am building is not yet complete, and I will not jeopardize the rest of my software for the sake of “enlightenment” via this blog post (because hackers may be reading…heh).  Fair enough?

Okay, so how to we build our unique game?  The one with our own made up rules, made up characters, and basically made up everything (you can get as creative as you want here…seriously).  Well, we will start by understanding what we WON’T DO! 

We won’t build another anti-virus, anti-malware, or other front & back facing security software.  We need to go deeper than that.

What we need, is to build our game “below” the operating system, at the hardware level.  We’ll call this level, the Game Board.

But before we can set up our Game Board, we need to take a “selfie”.  A snapshot will do (no Photoshop necessary).  We’ll take a snapshot of our hardware, and we’ll map the connections, configuration, frequencies, etc. (I’m simplifying things of course).  After we’ve taken a complete hardware selfie and fully mapped it out, we’ll start laying out our Game Board.

We’ll get really creative here, like maybe put a tree fort over there with a dozen ICBM turrets on it, and a dead-fall here (that goes to China)…oh…and maybe a moat filled with liquid metal super crocs and 200 mph vortices (that don’t swallow the crocs…duh), and a castle with walls and ceiling made of titanium and kevlar 100 ft. thick.  Now we’re ready to install the security system, ;^).

For our players, we’ll make them really attractive, even seductive.  Will give them unlimited lives like the magic tipping turtle on Mario, and they’ll be able to hyperspace through time, ending up wherever they want.  In fact, our players will be so desirable, our enemies will do almost anything to retain their value.

But our players hold a secret.  Maybe even a “dirty little secret”.  You see, our players carry a little something with them, and they would sure like their enemies to have it:  Permanently!

And heck, since we’re setting the rules to the game anyway, it only makes sense to determine which things have great value…and which ones don’t.  Right?  I mean, surely the super gorgeous player with the flowing blond hair, high limit credit card, and juicy identity would make a great acquisition in anyone’s book!  But uh oh, she has baggage too!


I guess the point I’m making here (and the silly illustration), is precisely how we face and defeat the Kraken!  When you can personally and uniquely create your Game Board, design the Players, set the Rules, control the Obstacles, offer the Rewards, and slam things home with the Gotcha’s….YOU WIN!!  Get it?

Hackers like rewards (your credit cards, persona, ssn, etc.), they like peeping from afar (because they’re cowards), they like using you and selling you off (because they’re filth), and what they want more than anything….is TO WIN WITH EASE!   And all too often, they can win with ease…because you don’t play the same game.  But we’re going to change that!

It’s called CARNIVORE.  And it’s in development right now!


Going back to my hypothetical game scenario, imagine further that all of your Game Board and Players, are designed with Military Level Encryption.  As the game begins, we make things “seem” like it’s business as usual.  The hacker is none the wiser, because we’re actually going to “let them in”, and let them begin pilfering.  It’ll be like an a-la-carte buffet for the thief, grabbing up as much booty as they can pilfer.  But when they get it all home, they’ll realize….there was an exploding dye packet stashed in that booty as well.  This comes in the form of our own code, which will now be embedded in their system, below the operating system on the hardware, and capable of sending geo-locational/geo-spatial data anywhere we choose.  In silence none the less, and they won’t know what hit them!

We can send their exact coordinates to Interpol, FBI, CIA, or any one of the hundreds of international investigative agencies operating worldwide.  And we can nail their ass to the wall.

The best part of this whole thing is, remember the goodies they stole from us in the beginning?  They’re all bogus!  We made them up like Roger Rabbit.  Figments of our imagination.  Rules of  Our New Game!

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