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Are you an OOP Ninja with a desire to build Ultra-Cool software for mobile devices, desktops, and SmartTVs? Can you run proficient through the whole stack of development, beginning with concepting, architecting tight minimal code, designing awesome UI/UX, harvesting, storing, and consuming data, and finally issuing a fully polished release application to the app stores?

In summary, are you searching for a team that just “gets it”, and understands not only you as a developer, but also the fact that there is NO ROADMAP TO INNOVATION…other than the road paved only by shear will, passion, and desire to succeed?

Well my friend, that place is SwitcHHat™. And SwitcHHat™ Object Oriented Programming (SOOP) is the game! Let me tell you why.

From early 2007, when the idea of how smartphones were going to revolutionize a new world, I began planting the seeds for the future and learning all I could about the space. I learned about the programming languages that would shape this new future, when to use one, when not to use another. I read books, attended meetups, associated with other developers fascinated with what mobile might become (we really didn’t know fully in 2007), researched non-stop, and then started dreaming up stuff to build.

In 2008 when the market crashed, it became very noticeable that families were beginning to struggle financially. So this is when I had an idea for my first mobile app. I would call it, “Kids Eat Free”, and would write the app in native Java for Android. Long story short, the app took about a month to design and code up, then tie it to a custom data source that would dynamically update the latest “Kids Eat Free” deals from coast to coast. In its first month of release, I posted over 1000 daily users for the app. In its first full year, it had over 65,000 daily users, making it one of the top apps in what was called the Google Market (known today as Google Play).

Now I didn’t make a dime on that app, but that was okay with me. In my mind, it was helping families save money on meals, so when moms would post messages about how thankful they were to have the app…and that they were using it literally “every other day”, I figuratively drew my payment from that.

Over the next few years, from 2008 to 2012, I would find myself developing dozens of apps for Android & Apple, while going way deep into the weeds over things like: “is web based tech the future of mobile, or is native code the future of mobile?”, “should I get into mobile gaming, or stay with business enterprise development”, “do I need to get a job developing for a company, or do this on my own?”, and finally as of recent (2012 – today), “my gosh, sensors are taking over mobile on a global scale! This is the future for sure!”


As in life, you can never discover truly remarkable things, if you choose to remain shackled by the invisible hand of control (money), failing thereafter to realize the true gift that lies within you: Unbridled Curiosity.

Some people continue to pursue this positive curiosity throughout their lives, and if you’ll watch them…notice how happy, content, and spiritually stable they are. In many cases, you’ll also notice that they are financially set as well, because they’ve set their minds to handle the ups and downs, yet they never waver on achieving their destiny.

I feel like we are all standing at a precipice now, wondering when we might leap into the vast opportunities of an untapped world…connected seamlessly in real time by a single technology: the smartphone. The most rapidly adopted technology we have ever seen.

So at the end of the day, it will be bold and inspired developers and visionaries that will lead the world to a better place. Not for just money, but for things that will truly matter in the grand scheme. Developments that will change the world as we know it. Again.

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