New Updates & Feature Controls For The UBERDASH MOBILE APP

I’ve added even more functionality to my UBERDASH™ Mobile App, and it’s now available for Custom Branding!

The app now tracks local deals via dynamically generated Geo-Fences, and presents those offers based on logic and user feedback (i.e., whether you’re traveling by car, bike, or riding as a passenger).  The deals/offers are presented only while you’re currently inside of a particular Geo-Fence, and disappear once you’ve left or entered another Geo-Fence. The same thing happens for the New “Safety Alerts” feature, which is also based on locational information contained in your current Geo-Fence.

Furthermore, I’ve just made the application platform available as a “Custom Brandable” opportunity, so inquiring minds should contact me at:

If you want to see how this works in real life, I am making a video of the live app in use, and will post that here as an addendum to this post.

But in the meantime, just think of the limitless possibilities for what this platform could do for your business, especially having full control via my new Desktop App Controller (optional)?

More Soon…


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