New Tech Products, Strategies, & Cool Stuff for 2013

As always, my work never stops.  But in this economy and this highly competitive and cutthroat business environment….it absolutely can’t stop either!

But before we get to what’s new on SwitcHHat’s plate for 2013, let’s journey down a proverbial rabbit trail and get some perspective on things.

As you may know by now, I tend to think in a more forthright and contrarian way…always trying to push the status quo back into the closet.  It is always my goal to bring out really good solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs, and then show them how to best use that tooling.  In order to do that, I must first stress the importance of thinking different….and why you cannot be afraid to do so.

So while the mood is right for thinking different, let’s take a look at our New Reality (and by new reality, I am referring to our near complete dependence on the internet, technology, smartphones, pc’s, etc)!

You see, back in the old days (only as far back as the 1990’s), it was still possible for most businesses to simply exist, sell decent to good products, service their customers, and have some relative success.  They could run a timely ad in the newspaper once in awhile, maybe send a direct mail piece two or three times a year, and even chuck a sign out front signaling a “Sale” inside.  These benign strategies would actually work fairly well, and it gave us the “illusion” that we were doing things the right way.  Heck, who would have thought otherwise?

But of course a storm was brewing offshore, and a whopper of one indeed.  In fact, it was more like multiple storms, working in unison and orchestrating chaos together, that would soon make landfall and wreak havoc, unleashing opportunity like the world had never seen.  And like any major and devastating storm often does, these storms changed the physical landscape of our planet forever.  But they also did something else: They changed how we interact.

For example, take a look around, and watch people for a few minutes.  See how we can barely walk 20 feet without checking our smartphones for new notifications, friend requests, directions, etc., and how we’re barely aware of our surroundings anymore.  Observe how friends can sit together at coffee shops, attempting to be human and having personal conversations…but struggle with even that…because the allure of checking that smartphone every second for something new is just totally irresistible.  We’re addicted.  We’re absurdly distracted.  And frankly…we act like we’re powerless to stop it!

Remember our old friends, “Control – Alt – Delete”?  They are much more liberating than our new friends, “Wash – Rinse – Repeat”.  And the best part is….you won’t have to worry about being ignored during coffee, because they have a horrible fear of a “self-fulfilling” prophecy!

So considering this New Reality, tell me how a company breaks through the noise, and gets their marketing message across to the consumer?  We’re not looking in the newspaper (we can’t trust that liberal political garbage anyway).  We’re not paying attention to direct mail.  And we’re definitely NOT paying attention to sidewalk signs, banners, and morons dressed up in monkey suits standing on street corners.

But I’ll go farther.  We also aren’t paying attention to marketing emails, promotional text messages, and push notifications either.  Sure, they make us look down at our phone for a second or two…but we delete them as fast as they come anyway, so who cares?  Fact is, all this “interaction” doesn’t drive behavior!  Or at least the type of behavior the sender was hoping for.

I’m simply making the case, that more noise ONLY begets more noise.  The more you “smartphone”…the more worthless notifications seem to come your way.  The more worthless notifications that come your way, the more you “smartphone”!  Agree?

There’s our new friends, wash-rinse-repeat, at work again!

Okay That’s the Havoc.  What about the Opportunity?

Here are some of the things I’ll be working on for 2013.

Did you happen to catch the part where I talked about being a “contrarian” thinker?  Well it’s true….I am.  And, I am going to hit you with some pretty “contrary” information about how I’ll see success in the next year, the tools I’m building to accomplish that, and of course the strategies I’ll employ to help others do the same.

Some of what you’ll learn, you may not believe!  But I can tell you for certain…if you take this Intel and put it to work…you will be amazed at how powerful this stuff is!

  • Learn Insanely Effective New Direct Mail Strategies!
  • Learn New Mobile App & Web Strategies For Building Rapid-Fire Opt-In’s!
  • Learn The Top 10 Highest Paying Skills For 2013 & Beyond!
  • And Much, Much, More….

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