New Mobile App Tech Talks Premier in April 2012

Starting in April of 2012, SwitcHHat is going to host a series of Tech Talks, each aimed at educating our business community on the Power Of Mobile Software (apps), and the critical role they will play in the future of your business.

Every episode will feature an “inside look” into the world mobile apps, how they work, what components and features drive mobile success, and why the future of your business depends on implementing an, “intelligently constructed”, mobile strategy.

But before we get into April, and start recording shows, it’s important to understand the need to do this in the first place.

Right this very minute, in the year 2012, there are still tens of millions of businesses in America that have not adopted a presence on the internet through a website.  Now you would think by now…nearly every company on the planet would have at least one website…if not multiple sites.  Surely, as an intelligent people, we haven’t “missed” the boat here, and failed to establish our presence on some plot of internet real-estate, have we?  Unfortunately, we have.

But how can this happen?  Website development platforms are ubiquitous!  How could we fail to recognize the most painfully obvious, required business tool on earth? Especially when launching a website is such an easy thing to do.

Well, the answer is quite complicated.  Fortunately, this is a topic for one of our Tech Talk Episodes, and we will be addressing the answers in much detail come April.

However, the “we’re missing the website boat scenario”, doesn’t even hold a candle to the power of the mobile movement.  It’s five (5) times larger in scale, and affects nearly 80% of the global population.

Studies show internet/website access from desktop and laptop computers, claims nearly 1.8 Billion Users currently…versus 5.7 Billion people using mobile phones for access.  And we are just getting started.

Moreover, according to reports from IBM and other big data companies, by the year 2016…mobile devices (smartphones specifically) will out-number global population by nearly two-to-one!  Simply put, by 2016, with our world population hovering around 7.3 Billion people….activated smartphones will be in excess of 10.4 Billion units!  That’s staggering when you think about it.

The kicker here, is that the mobile industry is growing at rates the internet and PC computing industry has NEVER SEEN BEFORE!   This is extremely exciting, and also really, really confusing at the same time…especially for businesses that haven’t even adopted a website presence yet.

So it is plausible, that there will be companies who seemingly, “hop over” the website based model that’s taken three decades to build…..and have jumped in to the mobile movement at the right time….and rode it Massive Success.  Point being, in mobile, we can do this in the next few years!  How cool is that?

Okay…there you have it.  The choice to catch this whole thing early is yours….and it’s now in your hands!

My advice….tune in to our series beginning in April,  and learn how to make it happen!

Craig Workman -Lead  Software Developer | SwitcHHat

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