New & Improved GeoMarker Android App NOW IN GOOGLE PLAY!

Just recently, I decided to take my already successful GeoTarget Android App to a new level, and run a major update.  While I was at it, I decided to rename the entire platform, and call it GeoMarker (which was a more appropriate name for what the app actually does).  A bunch of improvements came about as well, and I compacted the code even more…making it tight and very efficient.

Also, instead of charging for the app or even placing AdMob ads in the code, I just decided to make it free for all…..with no distractions.  Hopefully you will like the new utility, and will give it good ratings in the Google Play Store.

Okay, so what did I add?

I first tweaked the front end UI, and made it much easier to navigate.  It’s now even more clear what the app does, and the arrow prompts leave little doubt as to what step to take next.  I also included a really nice SQL-Lite database, so you can store infinite amounts of globally marked locations, and then quickly find your way back. Oh, and it works perfectly in Airplane Mode…so no need for service to get the core functions working!

Next, I added an ultra simple and clean flashlight utility, and it’s been amazing how useful that can be when you’re marking locations in dark places (in fact, I have a special app called GhostMarker built off this same platform, that marks, stores, and recalls haunted locations worldwide).

Finally, I tightened the back end code quite considerably, and it’s been a major improvement for calculating GPS efficiency.  However, depending on the quality of your device’s GPS chipset….you may have to play around with things a little to get the readings you want.

All in all, I am very pleased with the outcome of this utility app.  And in the process of making these changes, I ending up building an incredible Geo-Location/GPS framework for future projects.  One in particular, is a local deals treasure hunt app, where you can compete against other local app users….via the Awesome New Android Multi-player Gaming function.

See you soon with more cool stuff!

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