Major Hollywood Studio Considers New Action Hero

Nearly a year ago, I created a number of new characters and headsculpts for client projects, along a few of my own. Among the few that I created, one in particular has gained the eye of a major Hollywood studio, and is being considered for a new action hero role.

The character, known as PARADOX™, comes complete with an entire back story detailing his “fall from evil & ascension to good”, but with an incredibly complex twist that gives him super powers unattainable by other well known heroes. And I better stop there, otherwise I’ll breach a rather powerful NDA that I dare not mess with (even though I’m dying to share his story).

Of course, I am a realist, and know this is a long shot…a one in a million chance to ever see the light of day. Right now, I do not have a big giant check in my hand, and there’s part of me that doesn’t necessarily care.

To me, the real success comes via the nerve and creativity I have to at least TRY! I didn’t let perceptions, attitudes, or possible business criticisms stand in my way of creating something WAY WAY OUTSIDE of my standard business fare. And do it just for the pleasure of creating what I thought was cool.

So for that reason, I already feel like a person who’s been handed a big giant check. The validation and consideration alone are like a form of payment to me, and I am humbled by the possibilities!

Even if it is just dreaming!


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