Lincoln’s “Exclusively Local” Mobile Coupon App

Now it may come as a surprise to some, but as far as businesses in Lincoln Nebraska are concerned, there is NO OTHER MOBILE COUPON APP on Android, Apple, or Blackberry that helps them like our Out-n-About Mobile App Does!  And that’s just the beginning of the story.

Every day, we hear more and more businesses in Lincoln Nebraska, complaining heavily about their experience with “other” mobile coupon based apps!  And what’s sad…is that they are really quick to associate the Out-n-About Mobile Coupon App with those other platforms. But make NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT…..we are completely different in many ways!

So as we started to debate on how to educate our local businesses about these MAJOR differences, it became pretty obvious that a typed out blog post would simply not do.  Rather, a full audio explanation is going to be recorded this week, and will then be made available for listening right here on

Thanks for checking in, and look for our new audio coming soon!

Craig Workman – Software Developer | SwitcHHat, LLC

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