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All businesses know, that the implementation of new technologies is critical for their future success and profitability.  And in this day and age, its all things MOBILE!

So now that the Mobile Revolution is well underway, and more than 1 Million people a day are activating smartphones….it’s pretty easy to see where the future of business is going to be.  And of course, companies are scrambling to find out how to get in the mobile game.

But with the demand for mobile software developers at an all time high, and the availability of them at critically low levels….the price for admittance into the mobile space is quite steep.  And this isn’t going to change anytime soon!

Fortunately, SwitcHHat® has a Triple-Crown Solution to address this issue, one in which a local entrepreneur/marketing company/etc, can benefit by bringing together both businesses and consumers…who also win via compelling offers and mobile couponing!  This Tri-Fecta approach if you will, extends great value and efficacy to ALL involved, and delivers in a time when we all need it the most!

Enter now…the Mobile Software Licensing & Usage Agreement.

That’s right….we want to license our Most Finely Tuned Applications to YOU…and let YOU Make Money with them!  And you can do this without absorbing the entire cost of the development, the strategy, the planning, the marketing, the tech support, and so on..!  Here again, a Win-Win-Win situation.

Beginning with our popular and, “Hyper-Local” couponing app, Out-n-About™ Mobile, we will start licensing the platform to our Nebraska Partners in mid April 2012, and four (4) trailing “HotSpot” markets in July 2012.  Pricing for these “Protected Territory” markets will be according to factors like population density, vibrancy of business advancement, and a variety of other calculated metrics.

We have a lot more to tell you about this opportunity, and have some final tweaking to our Development and Licensing Agreement, but we are really close to kicking this whole thing off and inviting in Partners.

Should you want to speak with me directly about this opportunity, you can reach me toll-free at: 1-877-431-1737 option zero….or my mobile at: 402-570-4073.  You can also reach me via email here:

Craig Workman – Software Architect | SwitcHHat SMA

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