SwitcHHat’s Bulletproof WordPress Website Security

For any website that is more than a simple blog or thought catcher, I would recommend finding the best and most secure “shared hosting” plan that you can find. You can find these everywhere for around $6-8 per month, and there

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Onfair's New Website Redesign by SwitcHHat

Website Re-Designed To Sell MILLIONS MORE & Have Fun In The Process

At the end of 2015, e-commerce guru & online headrest DVD Mega-Seller Brandon Dupsky, called me and wanted to talk about a complete website re-design. Mind you, his current site was already selling Millions of dollars worth of product, so needless

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Digital Music Made Cool With SWITCHHAT’S Desktop Turntable App

In 2014, the vinyl record business posted its LARGEST SALES FIGURES in 25 years, with numbers reaching past 14 million albums sold. That’s a 51% increase in sales over 2013, which by the way, saw an increase of 32% over 2012.

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Desktop Applications Turbocharge Business Branding!

With all the talk about mobile these days, it can be easy to forget the ever powerful presence of the desktop. And having your business logo there, can be a major win for branding sake! So to demonstrate how this can

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Because The World Needs An R:7 Fellowship!

“To find success in life, you need to be prepared and ready at all times. Whether it’s facing and defeating the evils of the world, protecting & defending your family, pushing yourself to new levels of health & personal fitness, or

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