Ignite Your Online Sales with HIGH VOLTAGE Graphic Design

Producing graphics for all your four-color print work, large format banners and printed vinyl, as well packaging design, IS ENTIRELY DIFFERENT than designing for effective online selling. Not so much in terms of the file setup and structure, but in the

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BEARD GROWTH OIL DOMINATION & The Chemistry It Takes To Get There

In November 2015 right before Thanksgiving, having freshly retired from programming Geo-Spatial/Geo-Locational applications 14 hours a day, I decided it was time to grow a hugely righteous beard…and plan my next journey. So you know how it works when you’re really

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Onfair's New Website Redesign by SwitcHHat

Website Re-Designed To Sell MILLIONS MORE & Have Fun In The Process

At the end of 2015, e-commerce guru & online headrest DVD Mega-Seller Brandon Dupsky, called me and wanted to talk about a complete website re-design. Mind you, his current site was already selling Millions of dollars worth of product, so needless

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The Power of Chromeless Desktop Apps

Chromeless desktop apps are extremely powerful, because when you remove the boundaries established by OS window chrome (title bar, status bar, & frame)…the potential for amazing developments through design, is truly unlimited. Without window chrome, you can imagine full 3D designs

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Stream-Ola Vintage Turntable Desktop App

The Stream-Ola Vintage TurnTable Desktop App

This Elegant & Vintage redesign of my popular StreamTableLTD™ desktop app, is already seeing an unexpected level of requests nationwide. I knew it was super cool as I was building it, but thought I might be the only one using the

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