The Power of Chromeless Desktop Apps

Chromeless desktop apps are extremely powerful, because when you remove the boundaries established by OS window chrome (title bar, status bar, & frame)…the potential for amazing developments through design, is truly unlimited. Without window chrome, you can imagine full 3D designs

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Stream-Ola Vintage Turntable Desktop App

The Stream-Ola Vintage TurnTable Desktop App

This Elegant & Vintage redesign of my popular StreamTableLTD™ desktop app, is already seeing an unexpected level of requests nationwide. I knew it was super cool as I was building it, but thought I might be the only one using the

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Get Your Custom StreamTable For Just $79!

Here’s what you get: We install your custom logo You choose two (2) channels from 1000’s of ShoutCast Streaming Feeds We Customize Your New StreamTable™ & Package It For Easy Delivery To Your Customers Your Customer Enjoy 24/7! The price: $79

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Digital Music Made Cool With SWITCHHAT’S Desktop Turntable App

In 2014, the vinyl record business posted its LARGEST SALES FIGURES in 25 years, with numbers reaching past 14 million albums sold. That’s a 51% increase in sales over 2013, which by the way, saw an increase of 32% over 2012.

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Peer To Peer Desktop App with End-To-End AES Encryption & Mobile PassThrough

I don’t need to spend much time auditing the need for my New AES Encrypted Desktop App by businesses, they already know they need it. Badly! What I can tell you, is that when you see this thing operate, you will

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