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Ignite Your Online Sales with HIGH VOLTAGE Graphic Design

Producing graphics for all your four-color print work, large format banners and printed vinyl, as well packaging design, IS ENTIRELY DIFFERENT than designing for effective online selling. Not so much in terms of the file setup and structure, but in the overall strategy!

In fact, building creative files for effective online selling is even different than web graphic design in general, and more to the point…it’s an art form that takes experience to master. In this game, mastery only comes through actual sales, where realizing the proof of concept in terms of real dollars…always trumps every design theory most graphic designers have ever been taught.

You see, there’s not a shortage of graphic designers out there by any stretch, heck…you can hire decent designers from Fiverr for $5 a gig. Even a quick look around your local area will produce copious amounts of leads for graphic designers, and I’m sure you’re connected to many people who claim to dabble in the trade…and will work on the cheap. But again, are you looking for your projects to simply get designed, or are you wanting your stuff to sell? I mean REALLY SELL…as in you putting real dollars in your bank account day after day. Like I said before, the differences between simply graphically designing stuff…and designing stuff to sell couldn’t be greater.

So let’s wrap this thing up, and get down to the nitty gritty: unless your graphic design is making sales and producing profit for your company, it’s worthless…time to get a new strategy! Plain & Simple.

Oh, and one more thing…before you make the mistake of “assuming” your designs are working for you, be sure you’ve got the analytical data and split testing proof to back up your position! Most of the clients I work with begin with too confident a position on this (because they don’t want to appear ignorant on the subject), and end up hindering their own future success because they would rather be “right” and lose…than to be wrong and learn something truly liberating.

Don’t be one of these people my friends!

Craig Workman – Software Architect/Radical Designer

Graphic Design Lincoln Nebraska:


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