I Spent $6 At A Thrift Store, & Made $65 Profit in 10 Minutes!

Yes, that title is absolutely true!  And the funny thing is, I could have done that all day, day after day (if I didn’t have to write software for a living).

You see, it all started as a statement I made to a friend in November of 2014, where I was adamant in telling him that money making ops were everywhere…even at the local thrift shop.  But we all know that’s obvious, right?  I mean, who hasn’t thought of the thrift store item flipping thing before?

But I had a different challenge.  I was trying to show the value of a software program I was writing at the time, whereby it could show people how to mine marketing data legally and free, and how it could use that data to find money making ops locally every single day.  It just so happened that he thought the thrift store thing was a joke, over promoted by internet wackos trying to scam you for $49 “how-to” kits.  So I had to prove it to him that my system would work no matter what.

The next morning, armed with my newly created mobile app, we set off for the thrift store (our city has a bunch of them, so I just picked the one closest to my studio).  Now on this morning, I had pretty specific categories to test out…so finding the items was a relatively quick task (only took a couple minutes).  In those couple minutes, I found two items that matched my data: a brand new Oregon Ducks players jersey (with factory tags and price tag from Scheels…$45), and a factory sealed set of Holographed American Flag drumsticks from the Hard Rock Cafe in Washington D.C. (with factory shrink wrap and holograph).

I paid $3 for the Ducks jersey, and another $3 for the drumsticks, both being a total bargain.  Then using my eBay app, I took pictures of the items in the parking lot of the thrift store, wrote compelling descriptions, and had both items properly categorized and listed in five to six minutes. At this point, I’m into the deal for $6 and about 10 minutes of my time.

My eBay listing for the drumsticks was set at $45 “Buy it Now” or “make an offer”, and the Ducks jersey listing was set at $45 “Buy it Now” or “make an offer”.  Then, we went and grabbed a coffee.

About 15 minutes into coffee, I had my first offer on the drumsticks: $20.  I quickly “denied” the offer, and went back to coffee.  Literally no more than 5 minutes went by, and another offer came in for $35.  I immediately accepted. SOLD!  Profit (minus cost and eBay fee) was $31.50.

As we were getting up to leave the coffee house (we had been there about 45 minutes), I heard the Awesome eBay app, “cash register” ping hit my phone, which means your item had SOLD and was PAID IN FULL!  Funny to, because the guy totally missed the fact that I had the “make an offer” option checked for my listing, and he ended up paying full list price. Profit (minus the cost and eBay fee) was $41.50.

After PayPal took their fees, and I shipped the items via USPS Flat-Rate, I ended up with $65 profit for literally 10 minutes of actual work.  And yes, I made my friend buy the coffee…because damn it…he needed a little schooling!

Now there will be those that say, “those were two lucky items to find”, and “there’s no way you can do that every time you visit the thrift store”.  But I’m telling you, you most definitely can!  In fact, I could have done that all day, day after day!  Hell, I can go in right now and do it tonight!

All told, I have analyzed “certain data” that has produced five to six categories of products from thrift stores, that can be bought and rapidly sold on eBay for crazy markups!  You can find these items in your local shops without hesitation, and with a smartphone, an eBay account, and some creativity…make money day after day after day.  You can honestly make an extra $200 to $500 per month in sinfully small amounts of spare time.

NO!  I will not sell you my software, but thanks for asking (seriously not trying to be a jerk…). Hell, I give this information for free to my friends, so they can financially make things work at home for their families. One guy in particular, uses the system to “offset” the new tripled cost of O-Stick-It-In-My-Ass-And-Break-It-Off-CARE his family of five was hit by.  So that’s a plus for us little guys!

Maybe, if any of my friends decide they no longer want to do the “thrift store” thing, I’ll turn that information over here on SwitcHHat.com, and give it out for free again.  Who knows.

But until then friends, it’s out there!  Get Crazy!  Think Different!  And Work Smart! And… don’t be afraid to use all the tools at your disposal.  If you can do this at thrift stores for crying out loud, imagine what you can do if developed a new product or service business of your own?

Because yes, (here is the shameless promotion you saw coming) my software works for more than just thrift stores!  But you guys are so sharp, I probably didn’t have to even mention that anyway. Right?


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