It’s a rare exception when you find a company that does it’s own work.  And I’m not talking about agencies that have 50 employees doing 50 different things…that doesn’t count.

What I’m talking about, is the proliferation of new companies that sell themselves as technology enterprises, but are merely brokers…outsourcing the critical work to people you’ll NEVER MEET.

I personally know companies whose sole reason for existing, is to flip WordPress/Joomla templates, and override monthly fees for benign marketing strategies and web hosting….most of which (design and developmentally speaking) is completely outsourced.  Then you have companies that offer web development, and do a great job with that alone, but have literally no experience when it comes to marketing strategy, product innovation, and what it takes to sell things these days.  What about Pay-Per-Click (PPC) methods, online selling strategies that really work, mobile application market reach, and literally every other facet of the technical business enterprise that you must be thinking about….not just so your company can survive, but thrive?

You see, anyone can go onto Freelance.com, Elance.com, or any of the other development aggregator’s on the web, and find someone in India willing to work for nothing!  You can even find these people domestically for crying out loud, and they work for nothing as well.  The fact is, what your company should be focusing on (especially in this world today), is putting out the highest quality product you can muster, and NOT trying to save a few bucks on the critical infrastructure of your operation.  Shame on you!

And just for the record, let’s make some things perfectly clear:  There is NO SUCH THING as, “just push a couple buttons and have a great website”, or “…turn your website into a quality mobile app without coding”, or “make money online without spending money”, or my personal favorite, “…just write a blog, and Google will like you and index your site higher”.  Yeah….right!

My friends, we now live a culture, whereby people can “pass” as something they’re not…just by saying so.  And since most people don’t like confrontation, they let it slide, and never ask the tough questions.  People can simply call themselves professional photographers because they bought a digital camera and like taking pictures, professional web developers because they launched one blog (that nobody reads), and professional everything….just because THEY WANT TO BELIEVE IT!  Well let you tell you something, that’s not true today, tomorrow, or forever into the future!

The bottom line is, there are still great craftsmen out there in America (the best in my opinion), that are consummate experts in their field, have an incredible eye for design and purpose, who have enormous skill sets for innovating and dreaming, and can build some of the sickest, most dynamic, and insanely creatively campaigns you could ever imagine.  They do cost more than someone working in poverty from a mud hut……but the results they can help you create are staggering.

So don’t just resolve your company to outsource and save money, only to lose money on the back end. Find a local company, with multi-talented professionals well versed in the breadth of technical proficiencies necessary for the future, pay them what they’re worth, and enjoy a thriving business you can count for many years to come.


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