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graphic design for effective door hangers


Graphic Design

Graphic design, as it pertains to highly effective door hanger campaigns, can be a remarkably difficult task – especially if you want that campaign to produce results you can see in a bank account.

So I’ve put together a list of the MOST IMPORTANT ITEMS that you must consider when building a door hanger campaign. This list is based on data we’ve collected over hundreds of “mega sized” door hanger distribution campaigns, and hundreds of thousands of door hangers placed on doors. To be completely transparent, these are the exact measures we use in all of our door hanger campaigns, as well as those of our top clients.

Quick Note: As you’ll notice, graphic design is actually the last but highly critical element in the hierarchy, so don’t let the positioning fool you.


  1. HIGHEST QUALITY 4/4 STOCK – If you skimp on the quality of your door hanger stock, and decide to go thin, short and black and white print to save money – DON’T EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME, IT’LL FAIL! Instead, I recommend a minimum 16pt. UV Coated stock, with full color on both sides (4/4), and as long as you can afford. Most companies offer a standard 4.25″ x 11″ hanger, but we ALWAYS use a 4.25″ x 14 (at minimum) or 4.25″ x 18″. These sizes get HUGE ATTENTION, and homeowners are always intrigued by them…so the bigger the better!
  2. A KILLER OFFER – As you can imagine, having a truly compelling offer is critical to your success – miss it here, and the door hanger hits the trash really fast. In order to really see action, your “Call to Action” must be well thought out to “compel” your customer to take action, and if you’re incorporating a website opt-in/sales page to the mix, then the “Call” needs to be simple, loud and clear. Having more than one message on the piece confuses people, and confused minds buy nothing! Finally, the “Call to Action” MUST FOLLOW the path of least resistance – meaning simply, your customer must feel that the ONE SIMPLE ACTION they take…will get them what they want.
  3. THE “KILLER OFFER” BACK-UP – In order to hedge our bets and secure our offers even more, we use a redundant “perforated” section at the bottom of the hanger to “re-deliver” the offer we’ve made above. This does two things: one, when people notice a perforated section, they feel compelled to tear it off, and hold it for future “possible” value. The perforation signifies that this is an important area, and could be of higher value than everything else – so it makes people want to keep it…JUST IN CASE! And two, with the perf section doing it’s job, we’ve secured a much greater “longevity” for our ad spend, and this “extended presence” may create a greater influence on our customer’s buying decision down the road.
  4. OFF THE CHARTS GRAPHIC DESIGN – Yep, you guessed it, this is where it all comes together! There is no “playing it safe” here…it’s time to really cut loose and send your campaign into TOTAL BEAST MODE. In the early days, when either ourselves or our clients “played it safe” with design…and were afraid to leave the box, the campaign produced dismal results. When we got into guerilla beast mode, it was amazing. You see, a big, shiny, bright and crazily compelling door hanger is actually a rare site to homeowners these days – so when they see one hanging on their door, they are pulled in big time. The only question left to consider is, does your graphic designer have the raw and radical design chops to leave the theories behind, and truly design a magical sales converting piece?


Once we’ve considered the aforementioned list of requirements, our next issue will be to establish the walk routes for the campaign, hire those who’ll walk the routes and deliver the hangers…as well as what we’ll pay them for delivery.

For the walk routes, this will be up to you to do the research in your local area, whereby you’ll research the demographics that best fit your offer, and whether your offer better targets homeowners or apartment renters – believe me – there is gold in both these groups if you know what you’re doing!

As for delivery costs, we always pay between $75 – $85 per 1000 for doors hung, and another $20 for an inspector that drives each route to verify deliveries. Properly done, a 1000 quantity door hanger campaign will only take a couple walkers four (4) hours to complete, and that’s being considerate not to walk across people’s properties or through landscaping, bushes etc. As for sales conversions, our campaigns usually convert between 7% to 10% or better – depending on the offer. In certain fast food offers, we’ve seen conversions beyond 50%, which is remarkable ROI for our clients.

I’m telling you folks, in the age of smartphones, texting, emails, the socials and everything digital pulling away the attention of our customers, the guerilla beast mode door hanger campaign is like a Trojan Horse of marketing. Your competition is likely to frown upon the door hanger as a valid marketing angle, opting more for the “low-touch” approach of the email blast or Facebook ad…so this is where you fight them. In the trenches, or shall we say…right at their FRONT DOOR!

Craig Workman – Software Architect/Graphic Designer

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