Go Mobile or Bust in 2012!

By now, most businesses should know that mobile is the biggest technological movement since the rise of the internet 20 years ago.  And if they haven’t noticed every customer walking into their stores with a smartphone clutched tightly….they most certainly will in 2012.

Now I could go on a long diatribe about mobile industry facts, statistics, technology, etc….and it would simply be a moot point.  We All Get It!!  Mobile is a multi-decade marketing phenomenon in the making….period!  It’s also the BIGGEST MARKETING OPPORTUNITY the world has ever seen, for those who embrace it now!

So “HOW” do we throw a rope around this beast, and wrangle it into our corral?  Simple….we do like the real cowboys do.  Jump on this bucking bronco, and break it!

But I caution….as a business, you must first embrace the fact that this is more like a wild horse that can’t just be broken after riding it one time.  No…this horse is going to buck back for quite awhile, and may even throw you a couple dozen times in the process.  So get your padded shorts and helmet on, because this is going to get serious.

What I am saying is this:  Your business needs a knowledgeable and capable liaison in the field that knows how to wrangle, and wrangle with the best of them!  You need a software development partner that understands every facet of the mobile industry, and has the skills to isolate the right opportunities at the right time.  And finally, a partner that is willing to approach real innovation by “getting thrown” into the dirt hard, and then getting up for another go!

SwitcHHat is one of those partners.

Unfortunately, it’s YOU….yes YOU that needs to DO SOMETHING!  Namely, pick up the phone and call us, email us, text us, send a courier pigeon, put a message in a bottle…whatever…just make it happen.  Right now is no time to be bashful, because this is not, and I stress NOT, an industry you want to travel into alone.

Ladies and gentlemen, sadly, the days of making it in business without highly developed technical skill sets, are approaching an end.  And now more than ever, you need to be establishing a relationship with multifaceted software developers, and investing in their talent for YOUR future!

For a day is coming, when this will be critically important to your business, and it begins in 2012.

Craig Workman – Chief Software Developer | SwitcHHat SMA

*Credit: “A special thanks goes out to our friend Troy Calfee of Troy Calfee Designs, for his creative work on this article’s graphic.” Copyright 2011 Troy Calfee Designs *

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