GeoTreasures App Set For Launch June 8, 2012

Another New & Exciting Marketing Concept from SwitcHHat SMA, to hit Google Play Store June 8, 2012.

Called GeoTreasures, this “Hybrid” mobile coupon/GPS Game app brings a whole new level of fun to Local Shopping, and connects both businesses and their visiting consumers in a way that’s Never Been Done Before!

“We knew that mobile couponing had simply become boring, and that the market had become saturated with hundreds of Me-Too players”, said Craig Workman, the apps developer.  “So, we jazzed the whole experience up a bit…and added elements of mystery and discovery to otherwise ordinary shopping events”, he continued.

In about a week, we’ll add a video detailing how to use the app, and how to begin discovering new features as you shop in and around Lincoln Nebraska.  And like all new beta type releases, the process for educating vendors and consumers alike on how to use this platform will take some time. So please be patient as we all discover some exciting new ground!


SwitcHHat Staff

PS: Have A Business & Want To JOIN THE GAME?  Contact us here for more details.


GeoTreasures Android app is now available for both, individual city licensing, or full source code and graphical asset purchase.  Interested parties should contact Craig at You’re On Your Smartphone..Click Here To Call Me for complete details.

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