GeoTarget PRO Now Features “MAPLink”!

ARTICLE UPDATE (8-23-2012):  Indoor GPS – “The Next Frontier in Mobile Services”!   GeoTarget App already gathers this critical data.  Read the article here…INDOOR LOCATION SERVICES

Our first version of GeoTarget, released to Google Play last month…did in fact do “EXACTLY” as it was intended.  Get “RAW” lat/lon data!

But as we used the app around town gathering coordinates, a new discovery came to light.  “WE NEED TO MAP THESE COORDINATES!”  Of course, we were pushed slightly by our new users….but hey…we built it in!

Turns out, feedback we got from folks was overwhelming as far as wanting us to build in some type of “Live” mapping controls.  The caveat was….”we want to be able to email these live coordinates right from the app, and have the recipient be able to find this place on a map immediately!”  DONE!

So because of this, we needed to separate the app into two different products:  One for FREE…that only offered limited access to the “RAW” data generating (GeoTarget Lite), and the other a paid app…with full feature controls (GeoTarget PRO).

The idea for the overall app, was initially intended to be strictly a data gathering tool, whereby any business could generate “RAW” lat/lon coordinates from anywhere….then create Geo-Located marketing efforts behind that data.  Make no mistake about it, the app still does that.  But through the normal usage process, we discovered an even more compelling use for the app.  Map Linking that data!

Map Linking with “RAW” lat/lon coordinates can, exactly lead a parent to a lost loved one (the lost loved must be using the app of course), lead you back to your favorite points-of-interest, lead to you back your car in a crowded shopping mall parking lot, or even lead you to your own private GeoCache!  In fact, the uses are SO numerous….you’re going to have to figure them out on your own!  And the best part is….YOU CONTROL WHO GETS & KEEPS THIS DATA (which is unlike other apps that require you to login, and then store your location-sensitive activities outside of your reach)!

Bottom line is this, you haven’t seen anything yet!  We have some development additions in the works for new GeoTarget versions, and they will truly amaze you.  Might even make you laugh…they’re so clever.

Ahhh….the megalomania.

Craig Workman – Software Architect | SwitcHHat SMA

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