Geo-Spatial Native Application Development

Geo-Spatial application development, is the one of the “Hottest New Opportunities” in the mobile application development space. And now more than ever…businesses are wanting to reach their customers where they live, breathe, shop, and socialize!

Just so happens, my specialty is in Geo-Spatial software development. In fact, it’s truly a passion for me.

Every day I witness first hand, the overwhelming possibilities of a rapidly changing world. We are more connected now than we’ve ever been in history, and mobile devices (smartphones & tablets) are the conduit to a whole new world. And mobile device real-estate is the new status symbol!

Just think about it. Your customers are on their mobile devices an average of two straight hours a day, and they are staring at their devices almost constantly during that time. The real question is, are they seeing your logo on their home screens…or your competitors? In fact, the fight to obtain smartphone home screen real estate is so high in demand, that it’s considerably easier to find cheap condo living in Manhattan New York, than it is to own real estate on your customer’s smartphone!

So when you are ready to get serious about dominating your business space for mobile, give me a call and hear what I have to say. I think you will be more than pleased that you did.

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Craig Workman | Full Stack Mobile Developer


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