Engage Your Customers Like NEVER BEFORE With a Virtual Business Card App!

Okay…so almost everyone you know probably has a business card, right?  At least anyone actively engaged in developing a business, making sales for a business, or simply anyone associated with a business more than likely has one.

However, in the new mobile world in which we live….our customers expect a much more dynamic and interactive way for them to keep in touch with us.  Or, more to the point….when they want to contact you, it better be easy and instant!

But that’s just part of the story…I mean after all…you have to first have customers that will eventually need to interact with you.  This is where our New Virtual Business Card enters your picture.

So we created a video tutorial on how the Native App works, and how you can begin using it to send your personal branding reach into the stratosphere.  You can see it on our YouTube channel here, along with other app related & marketing vids:  YouTube VIDEOS

Also, look for new videos on our “Media” page, where we’ll detail how you can easily market, share, and rapidly expand the reach for your new Virtual Business Card App.  This will be an ongoing series…so check back frequently.

Craig Workman – Software Architect | SwitcHHat SMA

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