Drawing Characters for Mobile Games & More! ** SwitcHHat™

Even software developers need their escape. For me, it’s artwork creation, and I never turn down a chance to work on new character designs.

So over last weekend I took an hour and had some fun. In fact, to get the mood set, I threw my favorite Simple Minds record on the turntable, poured an iced glass (or two…) full of my current favorite micro brew (Zipline’s Oatmeal Porter), and got busy. Awesome!

For inspiration, I looked back on my memories of the Leggoons brand and what was once an impressive collection of board shorts, then grabbed my pen and paper. My goal here was to keep things really simple, to quickly draw out a good physical base design, then tweak and finish the character in the digital realm (PhotoShop & InkScape). Funny how things can evolve from there…again…if you’re creative enough.

Now with that being said, you may be asking what drawing characters and vectoring them out, has to do with software development in general? And I can tell you, it’s everything…AND nothing at the same time. On the one hand, if you’re a mobile game developer, then having the ability to make characters and vector them into spritesheets, gives you exceptional freedoms to build fun new games. On the other hand, once your characters have taken on a life of their own through your games, you may decide to take advantage of a much broader branding experience, and expand your design to tee shirts and apparel? I can tell you from experience, that part is pretty dang exciting as well!

If you have an idea for a new character that you’d like to see come to life, then feel free to holler at me here. You have no idea how much fun you could have with this!


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