Dominate Your Market With Mobile Apps

With 10 Billion Smartphones on planet Earth by 2016….it’s not only a good idea to start thinking about a mobile app for your business….it’s going to be MANDATORY!

The problem though, is that most businesses are clueless in this area, and have no idea on where to turn for the answers.

Look at it this way:  If you need to find someone locally to build your company a website, optimize or add e-commerce to your existing site, or simply trick your site out, do you have anyone to call today?  ABSOLUTELY!  Your local market is flooded with agencies, free-lancers, and everybody in between..who can take care of you.

But when you want to get educated on, learn about, or even purchase a mobile application for your business, where do you go to buy that locally? Exactly….because they don’t exist.

Truth is…app developers are Extremely Hard To Find, let alone getting one to set down with you personally and help you build a working strategy!  If you don’t think so…try calling around your local marketing design, and web development agencies…and see if they send an actual developer out to meet you?

For this reason, we decided to build an “Advanced Strategy” for mobile apps toolkit, and make it available for purchase in April 2012.  The program, however, will be limited to 8 packages, and will require a pre-registration in late March to reserve your copy.

More details to come.

Craig Workman | Software Architect @ SwitcHHat SMA

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