Digital Music Made Cool With SWITCHHAT’S Desktop Turntable App

In 2014, the vinyl record business posted its LARGEST SALES FIGURES in 25 years, with numbers reaching past 14 million albums sold. That’s a 51% increase in sales over 2013, which by the way, saw an increase of 32% over 2012. 2015’s sales figures are already set to break more even more records (no pun intended), and ironically, it’s the 18-25 year old crowd pushing vinyls return…(along with us loyals who never stopped loving vinyl!).

Now, if I was to write about the efficacy of vinyl’s place in the music business (or why it should never have fallen in the first place), this article would become a mini documentary. And we don’t want that right now, so I’ll stick to the matter at hand.

So, here we are…towards the end of 2015, and digital downloads of every type are ruling the day. Countless websites now stream every imaginable music genre known to man, 24/7, and our smartphones, tablets, and MP3 players are jam packed with gigabyte after gigabyte of the ones and zeros that make up our favorite tunes. Hell, we’re drunk on the damn stuff!

But along with all this digital ubiquity and unlimited access to downloadable music, the reality of “not actually owning anything”, is a massive by-product of a throw away society that’s forgotten the power and peace of possession. We’re rushed, distracted, stressed out, and the human need for tangibility is slipping away faster and faster every day. Help! Would someone please pass the salt and pepper already!

So for me, it only made sense to exercise my design and software development chops, and bring out my inner “Frankenstein” to combine the cold constency of digital music with the comforting warmth of vinyl.

Alas, the Streaming Music Turntable App for desktops.

As I write this post, I’m about 48 hours away from completing the coding and animations for the app (as you can see, the UI design is already done). Once I debug and run a release build for the code, I’ll be sending out custom players to a select few contact dimes I have in my little black book. After they test things out and play with it awhile, I’ll release copies to the general public.

Oh, and a little more fyi…I’ll be running addendums to this post for the next two days, so be sure to check back and get boned up on things like:

  • How to get your own custom copy of the app
  • How to install the player on your machine (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • How to customize the player with your own streaming feeds
  • How to design your own vinyl record images
  • Where to install the XML file that runs the app (server or local)
  • How to customize the XML file for your news/media feed
  • & More

Hey, want the FREE STREAMTABLE APP? Here you go >>


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