Business branding and consumer interaction for 2015 and beyond, can be summed up by ONE SINGLE THOUGHT: Device Screen OmniPresence.

In order of descending importance, your business marketing strategy MUST adopt the following development order of technologies, or die from attention starvation:

  1. Mobile first design: (native) mobile apps
  2. Mobile optimized (responsive) websites
  3. Desktop applications (Windows & Mac)
  4. SmartTV applications (coming faster than you think)

Over the next few years however, SmartTV applications will shoot past mobile websites as a magnitude of importance, and will join native development of mobile apps and desktop apps in a single “bundled development” package.

Businesses with foresight are already getting prepared for this mega-change, and are acquiring development talent as fast as they can. But herein lies the rub: how many developers are building entire solutions based on this “new stack”, that understand with supreme confidence the road ahead? Answer.  A VERY LIMITED FEW!

In other words, if your business is at all interested in living in the future, then a proper step would be to get up to speed on where things are going, and get a development plan figured out.

SwitcHHat™ is Here To Do Just That

Within a single binary (source code development), I can write a software solution that gets your business identity on every “relevant screen” on the planet! From smartphones to tablets, desktops to laptops, and from SmartTVs to In-Car Entertainment, SwitcHHat™ is your most confident development liaison in the business.

In fact, using the progressive reality of the above “Marketing Strategy” hierarchy, one day all your business will need, is confident and sovereign management over a finely tuned “software bundle”…deployed to the world. Fewer parts to break, fewer HR issues, and far fewer obstacles to business scalability.

In summary, start thinking in terms of ONE SINGLE DEVELOPMENT MENTALITY, where mobile applications, desktop applications, and SmartTV/In-Car applications are all ONE, not many. Because at the end of the day, that’s where things are going!

Oh, and be glad you heard about SwitcHHat™, where you were asked to think about all of this in the first place.



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