Design SwitcHHat’s New Tee & Win $50!

Have some mad skills when it comes to graphic design?  Design SwitcHHat’s New Promo Tee, get Famous….and Win $50!

Now I can wield Photoshop & Illustrator like a ninja…and hang with the best out there.  But, I think you can do better!  In fact, I’m willing to spend $50 just to prove it.  And…I want to put your name in lights, and Make You Famous!

Well, the making you famous part is highly exaggerated, but I would love to send $50 to your PayPal account for a unique t-shirt design!

Okay, so here’s how it works:

  • Everyone is eligible!
  • All submissions must be received by April 6th, at high noon!
  • Designs must be royalty-free, and non-infringing on others’ work!
  • Size must be 13.5″ X 13.5″, saved as a layered PSD or Illustrator file. Must include fonts.
  • No more than 3 colors.
  • Design must incorporate the SwitcHHat logo (we will email it to you when you enter via email)
  • No limit on number of submissions.
  • Must be 300 dpi.

We will pick the winner on April 6th, 2012 at High Noon…and announce it via our website.  PayPal transaction will take place immediately following our winning pick.

So have fun, get crazy, and I can’t wait to pay you $50 BUCKS!


Craig Workman – Software Architect | SwitcHHat SMA

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