Control Your Native Mobile App Worldwide With SwitcHHat’s Desktop Controller

At SwitcHHat, my mind is constantly thinking of ways to enhance business profits, via clever software development tools.

Some of the ideas I come up with don’t make it past the, “feasibility” portion of my testing, but some do. And the ones that do, seem to do really well. Case in point, is my new Desktop Application Controller, which is an exclusive application in and of itself.


So imagine that you’ve just had an enterprise quality mobile application developed for your company, and it came with its own Custom App Controller Dashboard with end-to-end encryption. Consider just how great it would be, to control all aspects of your Native App through this console, all from the security of your desktop/laptop PC anywhere in the world? And…as a non-programmer mind you!

Oh, and to be perfectly clear, I am not talking about a responsive website that your users have to access via their device’s browser…or worse yet…a mobile website ported into an application shell (Phonegap)! I am talking a full-blown, natively coded application, for all Android, Apple, and Windows devices in existence. (see the HTML5 vs. Native article from Sept. 20, 2011)

Think for a minute what this could mean to your business? What if you could control your Native App’s features, functions, notifications, offers, performance, and data…all in real-time worldwide…through your desktop?

Even better, what if that Dashboard Controller gave you real-time usage stats, heat maps for the top user interactions, Geo-Spatial & GIS data based on consumer profiles across the planet, and more? See the power yet?

Well, I am building it! And I am going to roll out the first prototype in July 2015 for all to see, along with a test application that you can load to your phone and test it all out.

Like always, more to come!


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