There are times when the scope of my work, and the assistance I provide to others, is just simply different than the “usual way of doing things”.

And by the, “usual way of doing things”, I’m referring to the idea that not all of the services I offer are easily bottom-lined on an invoice, and the true value of the services performed are not instantly apparent.  Much of that “return of value” comes days, weeks, and sometimes years later…….but when it does…….most people feel like saying “Thank You!”

So it is with that thought in mind that I created this simple “Donative Work” page, to let YOU decide the value of our working relationship.

If you’ve downloaded any of my FREE design templates, WordPress Plugins, vector graphics, source codes, or anything else that you feel has helped you…that’s really what this simple page is about.

It’s not compelled!  It’s not expected!  It’s just between us……..

**No thanks….I don’t want to donate at this time.  Take me to the download page >>


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